Cross, the

It can turn to the right or to the left

October 5th 2021
The cross represents the two principles, the masculine (the vertical line) and the feminine (the horizontal line) that come together to do their work in the universe. This work stems from a centre: the point of intersection of the two arms of the cross. This central point unites the forces; without it, they would be scattered over the disc formed by the cross as it starts to turn. For the cross spins, and as it spins, the arms trace the form of a circle. The cross in motion is a swastika. It can turn either to the left or to the right. When the cross turns clockwise, it signifies the tightening of a screw to prevent the energies from manifesting themselves – they are held in and kept under control. This is the symbol of spirituality which restrains the forces of instinct. If the cross turns in the opposite direction, it means that the brakes are being released; the raw forces of instinct are let loose and the way is closed to the sublime powers of the spirit.