Improving a situation by rising up to the world of the spirit

October 10th 2021
Situations cannot be resolved from below, by making decisions in the physical realm of matter; the impulse must come from above, from an exigency of the spirit. Those who do not know this law always try to intervene on the physical plane to change, move, demolish or rebuild things. But history shows that interventions of this nature are not lasting; after a while, a wave comes along and sweeps them all away. Only that which is established on high, in the world of the spirit, is eternal; all the rest is ephemeral, transient. This means that when you want to bring about a lasting improvement in a given situation, you must rise to a great height and work in the world of the spirit. It is on that level that you must pray, formulate your requests and create images that will one day become concrete realities on the physical plane. If you are capable of setting in motion the luminous forces of the higher world, all obstacles will eventually be swept away and a new order of harmony and peace will reign on earth.