Physical body, the

Its mission is to manifest the splendours of the spirit

October 12th 2021
The human spirit is a child of God, an immortal, divine spark. It contains all God’s powers, all his knowledge. Why then is the spirit so limited in its manifestations? Because of the physical body, which is still too crude, too grossly material. But this is no reason to despise or ill-treat the body, as Christians did for centuries. The body that God has given us is built with great wisdom and knowledge. It is the most perfect instrument we have, and if we learn to work with it every day and to refine and purify its matter, it will become capable of vibrating in harmony with the spirit. Those who despise and neglect the body are as much in error as those who use it only to get as much sensual pleasure from it as possible. Only those who understand that the mission of the body is to manifest the hidden splendours of the spirit and to one day become living temples of the spirit are on the right path. How is it possible to imagine that the only function of this body given to us by God is to oppose the spirit, to extinguish the flame of the very spirit that makes us sons and daughters of God? What nonsense!