Universal soul, the

Uniting with it through prayer, contemplation and identification

October 13th 2021
Imagine you have before you two bottles of perfume. The two vessels are separate from each other but the fragrances they contain rise and mingle in the air. Human beings are like bottles of perfume: their bodies are separate, but by means of their thoughts, their soul and their spirit, they can meet with other human beings as well as with entities of the invisible world anywhere in the universe. By means of their quintessence, they touch and communicate with other spirits whose vibrations correspond to theirs. And this is how we can touch and communicate with the Lord himself, for it is none other than a phenomenon of resonance. If you know this, it will help you to understand the reason for prayer, meditation, contemplation and identification. By striving to elevate yourself by means of your thoughts, you gradually manage to touch the universal soul and vibrate in unison with it. There is then a fusion between it and you: your weaknesses are driven out and the qualities of the universal soul enter into you so as to transform you.