A state of consciousness that does not depend on any object

October 14th 2021
The happiness most people seek is always associated with possessions: houses, money, honours, or perhaps a spouse and children. As long as they do not possess these things, they cannot be happy, and as their happiness depends on what they possess, the loss of those possessions is catastrophic. But if you come to understand what true happiness is, you will realize that it does not depend on an object, a possession or another human being; it is something that comes to you from above, and you are amazed to discover endlessly this marvellous inner state of consciousness... You are full of joy without knowing why you are happy. That is true happiness. The day you manage to immerse yourself in the ocean of universal harmony, you will no longer need to look further for your happiness; you will be continually bathed in it. It is like breathing – breathing in and breathing out, breathing in and breathing out… Indeed, happiness is like the breath of the soul.