Cosmic law

We reap what we sow

October 16th 2021
We can have doubts about many things but there is one law in which initiates never doubt: it is that we reap what we sow; and that if we do good, we will sooner or later harvest the fruits of our good deeds. But we also need to know that the laws of the cosmos, unlike human beings, are not in a hurry; they march to a different beat. This is why the rewards often seem to be a little delayed, and the punishments too, for that matter! If you become impatient and angry because you feel that you have not received the reward you deserve, you will only complicate the situation. Why suffer and torment yourself? Sooner or later, these rewards are sure to come, so stop wasting your time waiting for them and you will feel much lighter and freer. Since you know that gifts are on the way to reward you, have faith. If you are bitter and incensed, it shows that you do not possess true knowledge.