Sun, the

A symbol of the lord: draw back the curtains to let him in

October 19th 2021
When everything is going well, people think only about their own affairs, their own interests and pleasures. It is when they are worried or unhappy that they suddenly think of God and wonder why He does not come and help them. They would like the Lord to realize there is a poor wretch here who is suffering, and come personally to console them and extricate them from this mess. As though the Lord had nothing better to do! Now I am not saying that God does not help us – He does – but we do not know how to receive his help. Take the sun for example. The sun is very powerful – it makes the planets turn, it drives and vivifies them, and yet in spite of that tremendous power, if you do not draw back your curtains, it cannot enter your room. You leave your curtains closed and say, ‘Come in, come in, dear sun!’ And the sun replies, ‘But I cannot.’ Why not? ‘You must open your curtains.’ Yes, a mere curtain is enough to keep it out. If you understand this, you will draw back your curtains, the sun will enter and you will be flooded with light. The sun is a symbol of the Lord. Of course, the Lord is almighty, of course he holds the universe in his hand, but when it comes to opening a curtain he cannot do it; it is up to us to draw back our curtains so that he can come in and help us.