Everything in life has to be paid for one way or another

October 20th 2021
Human beings have a tendency to seek only what gives them pleasure. But pleasure is not a reliable guide, and when we allow ourselves to indulge in it, the consequences are always unpleasant. While it is at first enjoyable to feast in a restaurant, when the time comes to pay the bill, it is not quite so pleasant. Why do people think that they can eat as much as they like without paying? Everything in life has to be paid for. On the astral and mental planes as on the physical plane, there are markets, shops and displays of goods for you to choose from, but once you have served yourself you must pay. Faced with the thought of this payment, you should stop and ask yourself, ‘Is it really worth it? Is not the price too high? After all, the pleasure is fleeting – there will soon be nothing left of it, and it will take me years to pay off my debts!’