Well-solved problems allow us to tackle the next ones

October 22nd 2021
Life presents us with a series of problems to which we must find solutions. Those who, instead of making an honest attempt to solve their problems, try to sidestep them, soon find themselves faced with insuperable difficulties. Why? It is very simple. You have all been to school, have you not? And there, you studied grammar, mathematics and so on. For each subject you were given exercises to do. Take mathematics for example. Suppose that a student starts to skip the exercises of the first lesson; they will not have the elements they need to go on to the following lessons. What will happen to them? Their position will become more and more difficult and, at some point, they will no longer be able to manage. It is the same with the problems handed to us in life. Each correctly solved problem gives us the elements we need to tackle the next one under the best conditions because our efforts bear fruit: with each exercise, we become more perceptive, more patient and more resilient. It is important to understand this very clearly; it is an illusion to think that you can behave like a truant pupil and skip the difficulties of life. The truth is that the problems you fail to solve will always be there, as roadblocks on your path, and you will soon find yourself faced with an insurmountable barrier.