Think about the consequences so as to resist them

October 25th 2021
Life presents us with all kinds of temptations and if disciples have not learned to control themselves, they give in, and then of course they regret it because they sense that they have weakened and demeaned themselves. Most people consider it normal not only to be tempted but also to give in to temptation; they seem almost to think that this is why they came down to earth: to throw themselves headlong into whatever attracts them. But disciples have a different point of view. They know that they have not been sent to earth to seek pleasure but to carry out a work on themselves. So, in order to avoid all kinds of disappointments, before rushing into some venture or other, they ask themselves, ‘To do this or that will satisfy my desires to be sure, but what effect will my behaviour have on me and on those around me?’ And they think it over. People who fail to ask themselves these questions are taken by surprise when unforeseen difficulties and problems arise. Well, they should not be surprised; they should have foreseen what would happen. It is always possible to predict the consequences of our actions.