Learn to invite the heavenly spirits

October 28th 2021
Each day you have the opportunity to attract spirits of light. Call them to you saying, ‘Come, come my heavenly friends and dwell in me!’ You can also add, ‘Lord God, divine Mother, blessed Trinity, and all you angels and archangels, servants of God and servants of light, my whole being belongs to you; use me as you will for the glory of God and the establishment of his kingdom and his righteousness on earth.’ To know how to pronounce these words is an act of true consecration. If you do not learn to invite heavenly spirits to come to you, you need not be surprised if other kinds of spirits, which are far from heavenly, come and set up house within you. It is up to you to choose whom you want to ‘inhabit’ you. Angels will never come to you if you do not invite them but the devils have no such qualms; they will enter without waiting for an invitation!