Preparation in the spiritual realm takes time

October 29th 2021
The mistake of many spiritual people is that they do not give their activity solid foundations. They venture in without preparation of any kind in the belief that they only need to ask and the invisible world will reveal itself to them; angels will be at their beck and call and all powers will be given to them. Unfortunately, this is not what happens. A truly spiritual person spends twenty or thirty years preparing themselves, and then perhaps one day everything they have longed for will suddenly be theirs. In the spiritual realm, it is the preparation that takes time. But people never prepare themselves; they continue to allow their inner life to be cluttered up with every sort of futile concern. From time to time, of course, they supposedly meditate a little, and that is enough for them. Well it may be enough for them, but the truth is that it is not enough. There are some preliminary conditions to be met, and it is only once these conditions have been fulfilled that they will discover that spiritual work truly brings results.