Knowledge must lead us to an understanding of the meaning of life

October 31st 2021
Book knowledge is building material, a form of wealth – why should you not acquire it? It is the conclusions that you must be careful about. Indeed, you cannot trust the conclusions the scientists and philosophers have drawn from all the material they have at their disposal. When, after years of study and research, eminent thinkers and professors tell you that they have reached the conclusion that the universe is the work of randomness, that there is no order in the cosmos, that the soul and religion are inventions and should be rejected, that the earth is a battlefield where each individual must fight tooth and nail to avoid being devoured by their neighbour, and so on, listen to them out of curiosity if you want to, but do not let them influence you. Besides, think of how many times the conclusions of scientists and philosophers have changed throughout the centuries. Why base your life on such shaky foundations? All knowledge must lead us to God, to an understanding of the meaning of life. If it cuts us off from God and from the meaning of life, it is better to leave it alone.