Body physical, the –purifying it so that the soul may record the sublime truths

November 1st 2021
When the soul leaves the body during sleep, it is not idle; it travels, it contemplates immensity, it communes with celestial spirits and it strengthens its knowledge of love, wisdom and truth. When it returns to the body, it brings back the memory of all these riches, which it tries to imprint in the mind. Even if human beings are not immediately conscious of it, all these great truths leave an etheric imprint in them, that one day they will finally discover. This is why it happens that certain sublime truths are suddenly communicated to you like a flash of light – you had undoubtedly already carried them in your subconscious for a long while. Until then, the time had not yet come for you to be aware of them, but suddenly there came that auspicious moment when your brain was in the right state of mind, and the truth burst forth. If you wish these experiences to happen more often, you must become much more disciplined in your life, for it is once human beings are in the habit of working to purify their physical body and make it sensitive that their soul can record the sublime truths more easily.