Renouncing our human self in order to give way to the lord

November 2nd 2021
Jesus said, ‘Unless you die you shall not live’. To die means to renounce your limited, human self in order to give way to the Lord, so that He may come and reign within you. You no longer cling to your own life; you wish to disappear, but on one condition – that it be the Lord who takes your place. If you really insist, if you call to Him with the full strength of your love, He has to give in because you are using powers of the same nature as Him: the powers of love. He cannot say, ‘Let’s see, we have to think about this, and examine the way he lived in the past’. No, there is no longer any past; there is no longer anything; in the face of such a desire, everything else is erased. There is only your decision and the plea you have made today: to live the life of God.