Reincarnation of great beings

Through their love for humans

January 31st 2012
When a human being, by dint of hard work, self-denial and sacrifices, has become completely free, with no more karmic debts to pay, they are no longer subject to the law of reincarnation. From then on, the heavenly regions are their dwelling place, where they live in bliss and light. But among those beings who have found freedom, a few decide to come back to earth to help their human brothers and sisters, whom they see suffering. Once we have lived on earth, we cannot completely erase the memory of the experiences we have had and sever our connection with it. So, some beings, although they are free and experiencing the joys of infinity and eternity, feel the need to cast a glance at those poor humans among whom they once lived and to whom they still feel connected despite the great distance between them. After hundreds, even thousands, of years, they still remember, and in the greatness and fullness of their heart they decide to come back down to share in their hardships and help them.