The means by which the initiates draw on the love found throughout nature

November 7th 2021
So many people complain that they are starved of love! But why? They are surrounded by it. Love is spread throughout the universe, in the oceans, the rivers, the mountains, the rocks, the grass, the flowers, the trees, the earth, and especially in the sun. Love is a cosmic energy of untold abundance and diversity, and it is up to you to avail yourself of this abundance. Look at those plants which do not need to bury their roots deep into the soil to live, but instead draw water and sustenance from the atmosphere. Their organisms are different, better than the others. Humans are not aware that they also possess spiritual centres which enable them to draw love from the atmosphere and from the sun. This is a pity as they do not develop these centres and so remain poor and unhappy. They must imitate the initiates who have worked to awaken their higher centres – the chakras – and who are able to draw on this energy that is spread everywhere in nature; they are happy, fulfilled, and live in plenitude.