A method to learn how to meditate

November 10th 2021
Many people wishing to embrace a spiritual life are confronted with the problem of meditation: they do not know how to concentrate. Why? Because they have never learned how to choose the subjects of their meditation, so they plunge into it blindly and without method. The first rule of course is to choose a subject of a spiritual nature, and the second is to find a subject that you like. It is your love of a subject that binds you to it. If you do not love it, you are like a stamp without glue – you will not stick to the object! Beginners make the mistake of wanting to concentrate immediately on the most abstract philosophical and mystical subjects, such as truth, eternity, infinity, the Absolute, or the supreme Being. This is a mistake. Begin for example by focusing on a pure and beautiful image that you love, say of nature or of art. In this way your brain will gradually get used to concentrating and you will be able to meditate on more abstract subjects. In order to achieve results in the spiritual life, we must know how to harness the tremendous power of love.