Divine spark, the

Giving it favourable conditions to manifest itself

November 12th 2021
Make an effort always to see the good in others. Of course, you are going to say that if you cherish illusions about people, you are likely to be caught in a trap and pay dearly for it; the basis of human nature is bad, even religion says so, so why delude oneself? Well, I would reply that your reasoning is incomplete and insufficient. You are dwelling on the evil in humans, and it is true that it exists. But we are all sons and daughters of God, we have a soul, a spirit, and though we do not see this divine spark at work very often, it is there, and if we give it favourable conditions there is always a chance it might manifest itself. In any case, it is certainly not by convincing ourselves that people are bad that we will bring out the divine side of their nature.