Sunrise to sunset

Symbolic interpretation

February 1st 2012
Sunrise marks the start of the day, and if you have plans at the start of the day, you are free to carry them out or not, as well as being free to change them. But when the sun sets, that is, at the end of the day, what is done is done, nothing more and nothing less. Sunset signifies the end of the day as a cycle. But in the language of symbols, a day is the name we give not just to a period of twenty-four hours. It can represent a month, a year, a lifetime… or even the nine months a woman carries a child in her womb. While she is carrying her child, she can influence it through her thoughts, feelings and wishes to walk the path of light. Then, the child is born, and what everyone here sees as a beginning is, in fact, the end of a process of condensing, of concretizing, similar in some respects to the sun setting. And in a way, the mother’s power comes to an end at that point.