Spiritual life, the –the harder the task, the more glorious the success

November 14th 2021
The spiritual life is difficult, and can even be a risky adventure. Given the nature of the goal to be attained, it is impossible to reach it without effort, especially as the paths leading to it are not well travelled. These are untouched and steep paths, which skirt precipices, and where only a few initiates have walked. But the more difficult the task, the more glorious the success. Nature gives nothing if you do not make an effort. Just look at competitive sports such as hurdling, skiing, or motor racing – are they easy? No, they are very dangerous. But if we accept these difficulties in sport, why should we not accept them in the spiritual life? In this, we want everything to be easy. But no, nature has placed obstacles on our path in order to see which of her children are able to embark on this enterprise and to triumph. Nature has strewn the path with difficulties. But with the splendour of victory before you, these difficulties should stimulate rather than discourage you.