Divine love– the only love that can fill your heart and soul

November 15th 2021
For the majority of human beings, love is a feeling, a passion, a delirium, or a sickness – and an incurable sickness at that! No, true love is not like that at all. It is a state of consciousness attained by those who have walked the paths of self-perfection for a long time. It is the reward given to those who have understood that they will never be truly happy unless they draw nearer each day to the world of purity, harmony and light, which is the world of God himself. And as God is the source of love, you receive the greatest gift of all: the feeling that you can expand your love to the whole world, to all creatures and all creation. You are able to stop focussing all your feelings or thoughts on one human being, in the hope that this person will satisfy all your needs, a hope that inevitably ends in suffering and disappointment. Each day, you draw closer to divine love, the only love that can fill your heart and soul.