Produced when the interests of humans and god merge

November 16th 2021
In order to maintain the balance of creation, the Creator has seen to it that each creature would have what it needs to survive. This is why, when humans fight and destroy each other, they are working against the Creator. Even if God created them different from each other, it was not so that they might use these differences as an excuse to fight. No one has the right to use God to justify their hatred for a particular race or people, or their wish to enslave certain social classes. All living beings come from God, and He suffers to see them tearing each other apart. Humans have adopted a separatist philosophy in the name of interests which, they claim, are very lofty, but which are in fact prompted by their own egoism. Defence of these interests will eventually lead to humanity’s downfall, for they go against the interests of the whole of creation. Yes, humanity’s true interests are one and the same as those of the Deity. Only the merging of human interests with the interests of God will produce blessings for all.