Another virtue is making an appearance: brotherhood

November 22nd 2021
Each day the Stock Exchange publishes the share index: some shares are up, others are down, those that are up today will be down tomorrow, and vice-versa. Share prices are a magnified image of what goes on in the world. At any given moment in history some shares are up while others are down. At certain periods, for example, the virtues of physical courage were extolled. The popular heros were those who fought fearlessly and with skill in tournaments, duels or wars. At other times, it was sanctity that was held in highest esteem. Much admired were those who were capable of giving up everything to devote themselves to God in silence and solitude, or to succour the poor, the sick and the persecuted. Nowadays, it is the value of the intellect which is on the rise: the ability to reason and to acquire knowledge. But this will not last long – already another virtue is making an appearance: brotherhood. It is brotherhood which will encourage humans to act in a progressively more understanding and generous manner towards one another.