The number 13 does not like impurities, and fights against them

November 23rd 2021
We often hear it said that thirteen is an unlucky number, and especially that there should never be thirteen people around a table. This is because the number thirteen does not like impurities, and fights against them. As it is a very active, dynamic number, it can harm those who do not possess the feminine qualities of goodness, love and gentleness with which to counterbalance its influence. You must be pure and full of love to feel at ease with the number thirteen. On the physical plane, thirteen is linked to the cross (1 + 3 = 4), that is to say, to suffering and imprisonment. The cross is the cube unfolded in two-dimensional space, and the cube schematically represents restrictions, or prison. The number thirteen therefore, can bring ‘bad luck’ as we say. This bad luck is not due to the number thirteen, but to the way in which the individual is influenced by it. It depends on our physical and psychic make-up, on our elevation and our degree of evolution. Some fall ill, others start to reflect, and still others feel urged to act.