The work of a disciple

Striving to make the spirit descend into matter

November 24th 2021
Matter must tend towards the spirit in order to become purer and subtler; and the spirit must tend towards matter in order to incarnate and manifest itself through it. In this way, the beloved crosses the divide that separates her from her loved one, who descends from celestial regions: they meet somewhere in space, and there they become one. When the spirit penetrates to the depths of a human being, it transforms the raw matter of the passions into beauty, purity, light, nobleness and love. All of a disciple’s work is summed up in this process: the descent of the spirit into matter. Whatever you do, whatever your pursuits, the books you read, your experiences in life, your exercises, they should all lead to what I summarize here for you in these words: the spiritualization of matter and the incarnation of the spirit.