Initiates wish to be absorbed and transformed by the lord

November 25th 2021
When wicked, criminal people eat, how is it that this food which is divine, since it has been given by the Creator, does not make them better people? It is because they have transformed the food into their own nature. Whereas an initiate who eats the same food transforms it into light, love and goodness. It all depends therefore on the state of the person who is eating. Wicked people are not improved by the food they eat – they even become more wicked. And those who are good become even better as they eat. It is a law: every creature assimilates their food into their own substance, and transforms it. This is why the initiates offer themselves in sacrifice to the Lord, so that they may be absorbed by Him. They know that as the Lord absorbs them, He will transform them and give them some particles of His light.