Heart and mind

Learning to alternate between the two principles

November 26th 2021
If I say that you should learn to walk with both legs, you will reply that you know that and have always done so. Well no, for I often see you hopping on one leg instead of walking. Sentimental people hop on the left leg – they never think too deeply – and the intellectuals hop on the right leg – their heart has dried up. You are all one-legged! You think you know things, but you do not really know them since you have not put them into practice. All your life you remain poised on one foot, you even go out and about like that, hopping... But you should ask yourself, ‘Why did nature teach us to walk by putting the left foot forward and then the right?’ The answer is simple: it is because we must react alternately with our heart and our mind. We must learn how to alternate between the two principles, male and female, and recognize when we should switch polarity. Many difficulties and deceptions stem from not knowing how to walk on our two legs.