Going to the source in order to seek luminous elements

November 27th 2021
Having spent a certain amount of time immersed in a spiritual atmosphere, where they felt surrounded by light and warmth, disciples find themselves once again back in the ordinary world where they are obliged to mix with all types of people. After a while, they realize they no longer have the same faith, the same impetus. They feel themselves becoming heavy and dull again, and their ardour and love diminish. What has happened? Like a hot liquid that is then exposed to the cold, their temperature has changed. This is a perfectly natural phenomenon. The teaching that disciples receive from a Master is like a liquid that is poured into a container. The contents are hotter than the surrounding air, and as they come into contact with this air they slowly loses calories and their temperature drops. But what is lost can be replaced. That is the purpose of meditation and prayer: to go to the Source in order to find the warm and luminous elements we have lost.