Technical progress

Must be accompanied by spiritual progress

February 3rd 2012
Our era is said to be the era of progress. One of technological progress, that is certainly true; you can see wonderful achievements. But what is technological progress? A victory over physical matter. So, what do humans do? They are so pleased and proud to have succeeded in manufacturing all kinds of appliances and products that make their life easier, they do not realize they are using them to feed their lower nature – to satisfy their selfishness, laziness, sensuality and aggressive instincts. Well, that is regression, not progress. Try analysing yourself: observe how you use everything that technological progress has placed at your disposal. You will discover that it is rarely, very rarely, for your spiritual evolution and the good of others. Why? Because, if we want to use to good purpose all the riches physical matter has to offer, we need to have worked on our own psychic matter first. Technological progress will only be true progress if, at the same time, human beings are making an effort towards spirituality.