Old age brings clarity, wisdom, peace and joy

December 3rd 2021
Most people think that when they reach a certain age, their faculties will inevitably decline. Not only will they lose their teeth and hair along with the use of their legs, arms, eyes and ears, but they will also lose their memory and even their wits, and everybody believes this is normal. Well no, it is not normal. For the Initiates, in any event, old age is the best period of life, because years of searching and experience have not only brought them health, but also clarity, wisdom, peace and joy, and everyone comes to learn from them – even children are drawn to them and love them. If the opposite opinion is prevalent in the world, it is because for most people, old age is indeed a very unhappy time as a result of the way they lived during their youth. If they spent their youth wasting their energies on foolishness and stupidities, what can they expect in old age?