Art must be elevated in order to capture particles of beauty

December 4th 2021
Human beings are what they are, and they cannot give what they do not possess. In order to give we must possess. This applies even more so in the field of art; in order to create we must carry within us the means to realize this creation, to express the splendour of the soul and the spirit. If we do not have anything within us, we will not create anything. Some people present their so-called works of art, which are veritable monstrosities – one wonders where they found the idea. It is very simple: within themselves. We cannot produce anything divine if heaven does not dwell within us; and neither can we produce anything diabolical if we do not carry hell within us. In order to give more than we are, we must come out of ourselves, rise, free ourselves and penetrate the higher realms to grasp a few particles of beauty or light that we will then give to others. This is the secret of divine art.