Mothers must do so in the best possible frame of mind

December 6th 2021
A mother nourishes her child first with her blood, then with her milk. Symbolically blood, which is red, represents life, strength and activity; and milk, which is white, represents peace and purity; it is a principle of harmony that balances the instinctive tendencies represented by blood. That is why children who are not fed with their own mother’s milk lack something essential. Milk from other women or from animals does not contain the same elements for the child as its mother’s milk. A mother who feeds her child with her own milk gives it the love and tenderness it so dearly needs for its development. That is why when she is angry or in a bad mood, she must not feed her child. She should wait until she calms down, because these negative states poison the milk, and the child then receives elements that can make it sick, both physically and psychologically. Mothers must be very vigilant and prepare themselves to always breastfeed the child in the best possible frame of mind.