True beauty is a life that springs forth, that emanates

December 11th 2021
You do not yet know the true beauty of a human being because you look no further than the form. If this form is harmonious and attractive, you exclaim, ‘How beautiful!’ But beneath this form there is still more to see: the expression, the emanations that come from within this being, the life that flows. And if you were able to go even further and see the spirit of this being, which lives in heaven, you would discover even greater beauty. But actually, the splendour of the spirit is far too subtle to find physical expression. True beauty cannot be described; it is life, a life that springs forth, that emanates... You have, for example, a diamond struck by a ray of sunlight – you are dazzled by the burst of colour that you see appear. This is true beauty. And the more a person manages to emanate such beauty, the closer they draw to true beauty.