Science, religion, art

Activities of the mind, heart and will

February 9th 2011
So many believers give up religion, because, as they see it, the discoveries made by science cancel out or contradict the truths of faith! Well, that just proves they haven’t understood much about religion or about science, for the discoveries of science, on the contrary, only serve to emphasize the truths of faith, which are the truths taught us by Initiatic Science. In reality, there is no opposition between science and religion – they walk hand in hand, and art accompanies them. All three are linked, because they are already connected within human beings: science feeds their mind, religion feeds their heart, and with art they exercise their creative will. Since mind, heart and will co-exist in human beings, they must not be parted, nor should one be favoured over the others. God intended them to work together when he gave them to humankind.