Initiatic school

Knowing beforehand what you will not find there

February 4th 2012
If you could look deep into the hearts of men and women, you would have to laugh, and you would also certainly want to weep. My God, the things humans desire! They cannot see beyond whatever will satisfy their selfishness, their vanity, their sensuality and their need to possess and dominate. And what about you, what do you wish for? Take a close look at what you are really asking for, and you will no doubt be astonished by how small your ideal is. How many people come to an initiatic school hoping that all their difficulties will disappear as if by magic and that they will become rich, influential, powerful, full of glory and so on. Well, no, with illusions such as those, they will only meet with difficulties and failure, and it will be even worse than if they had never set foot in an initiatic school. For you must never make use of the truths taught there for personal, selfish ends. The only ones who will truly gain something are those whose principal wish is to practise, make efforts, improve themselves and help others. They will turn any life situation into the best opportunity for making progress.