Caduceus of hermes, the

It symbolizes the two principles

December 13th 2021
The Caduceus of Hermes summarizes the human being. The staff represents the spinal column, and the two entwined snakes represent the two currents that descend from the brain’s right and left hemispheres. In fact, these are not two snakes wound around the magic wand, but a single one that is polarized. The staff always represents the masculine principle, and the snake or the spiral, the feminine principle that curls around the masculine principle in order to exalt the powers contained within it. The staff is an expression of the mental plane, whereas the snake – polarized into positive and negative – is an expression of the astral plane, through which flow the two currents: one ascending, the other descending. The Caduceus of Hermes therefore symbolizes both the masculine principle (the wand) and the feminine principle (the snake polarized into positive and negative because the feminine principle is always expressed by the number two). It represents a human being with all the faculties they must develop in order to manifest divine power.