Young people

Teach them the truths of initiatic science

December 18th 2021
Young people need activity, they want to do something, but to begin with, they do not really know what. And later on, when they have a better idea of what they want, they have no clear notion of what adventures their desires will lead them on. So they need a light to show them where to go; then whatever they undertake will prove beneficial. But this light can be found only in an initiatic school where they will be taught truths that are not taught elsewhere, certainly not in universities. Without this initiatic science, human beings are condemned to make one great discovery when they leave the earth, indeed, one dazzling discovery, which is that they have understood nothing about life. This is quite a discovery, but it is of little use to them at that moment, and they take it with them to the other side. So, I would say to young people, ‘Ask for just one thing in life: that Providence places you before the truths of initiatic science so that you may be saved.’