Kingdom of god, the

It must first manifest itself in our thoughts and ideas

December 23rd 2021
The kingdom of God cannot be realized on the physical plane before being realized in the intellect, in our thoughts. Once realized in our thoughts, it will descend into the heart, into our feelings, at which point it can finally be expressed by deeds. For such is the obligatory process of realization in matter: thought – feeling – action. One day, the kingdom of God will be realized tangibly in matter. But first, it must enter our thoughts as an idea. And we can see that the process has already begun. Thousands of people in the world – actually many more than you think – nourish within themselves the ideal and love of the kingdom of God. And in some of them, the kingdom of God is already making inroads into their thoughts and desires. In their conduct and way of life, the kingdom of God has in fact already been achieved. The kingdom of God is first and foremost a state of consciousness, a way of living and working, and once this state of consciousness has become generalized, the kingdom of God and His justice will truly come down to earth.