Pride in having accomplished our duty

December 31st 2021
Once you have entered an initiatic school, know that you have a duty to fulfil, the duty to transform yourself so that all those you meet will marvel and decide to follow your example. How can people fail to see the beauty of this endeavour? Finally make up your mind to begin work on yourself of which you will one day be proud. Pride, in fact, is one of the least prevalent sentiments among human beings. When you meet people, what strikes you is that they are not proud; deep down inside they feel that what they have done is not great. Outwardly, they pretend to be something, but inwardly you sense that they are not as happy and sure of themselves as they would like to appear. To be proud of yourself because you feel that you have accomplished your task, that you have done all that you could do, is an extraordinary state of consciousness. There is no greater happiness than to be able to leave the earth with this feeling of pride – the pride of a job well done. 75 P