Prepare the next one

January 10th 2022
There is not very much you can do to change your destiny in your present incarnation, but there are great possibilities for improving things in your next incarnation, provided that you want to do so and really work at it. Why do some people have such deplorable lives? Because in their previous incarnation they did not know what to ask for or what to work at in order to have a wealth of gifts and virtues in this one. They did not know it last time, and if they do not learn it this time, their next incarnation will be as bad or even worse. But you who have learned these laws must use the years that have been given to you to imagine and wish for the best. In this way, you will already be initiating new projects that will materialize in the future. Today’s matter is rigid and unyielding; it cannot be replaced until it is worn out. But what you have begun to create with your soul and spirit will gradually crystallize, and when you come back in your next incarnation, you will be endowed with gifts of the highest quality.