Higher self

Both it and god are within us

January 11th 2022
We can say that God is both inside us and outside us, and the same is true of our higher Selves. The consciousness of most human beings is not sufficiently developed for them to sense that their higher Self is within them. This is why the work of disciples is to strive to reach and become one with their higher Self, that self which is all light, all-love and all-powerful. In this way, they begin to find themselves and to sense who they are in reality. It has been said, ‘Know thyself’ True self-knowledge is to know the self that exists on high. As long as we do not know that we are a fragment of the Deity, we shall never truly know ourselves – nor shall we ever be strong or free or wise. To know oneself is to have found both oneself and God. When we find God, we find freedom, happiness and joy – not only in ourselves, but also in other human beings as well as in animals, plants and stones. Once we have found God in ourselves, we find Him everywhere, in all beings, in the whole of nature. This is what knowing oneself really means.