Higher self, the

Can only manifest once the passions have subsided

February 7th 2012
Where children and even adolescents are concerned, the stage is set for many years of upheavals and rebellions of all kinds, preventing their divine self from blossoming. But in time they calm down and become wiser, and all their good qualities begin to come through. Prior to that, it was not possible; the conditions were not right. Look at what happens in nature with vegetation: sometimes, because the temperature has been much higher than usual, some plants grow too soon. If they are unfortunate enough to be then subjected to a raging storm, or the temperature suddenly falls and there is a frost, the plants are uprooted or die of the cold. A plant cannot develop properly while conditions are not favourable. Well, this is also the case with humans: as long as they are exposed to inner storms or extreme temperatures, they are unable to hear the voice of wisdom, the voice of their higher self. They need to wait until passions abate; then conditions will be right for all their good qualities to be expressed.