Its centre symbolizes the spirit that radiates

January 15th 2022
Science of unimaginable depth is contained in the symbol of the circle with a dot in the centre. Why is the centre of a circle always the merest dot, whereas the circumference can be infinite? The circumference represents matter, which absorbs all beings and all things, whereas the centre symbolizes the spirit that radiates and projects outwardly. Instead of absorbing what it receives into itself, the spirit gives. This is why it is represented by a minute dot. And the circle is vast because it receives the riches of the spirit. You might say, ‘But this means that the spirit loses everything!’ No, for it lives within the matter that has received its wealth, nothing is lost to it. This law applies to all those who truly know how to give. It is the giver who benefits most because by giving, they live in all those who receive their gifts; their spirit lives in them. Those who think that they have benefitted from someone are in fact inhabited by the giver; it is the giver who manifests through them.