Physical body

How to spiritualize your cells

January 16th 2022
People who never work on themselves in order to spiritualize the cells of their physical body are laying themselves open to great suffering. You may say, ‘But how do I do this work?’ First through your food, by drawing from it the particles that can revitalize your cells and make them more supple and strong. You must have noticed how some people when they receive a severe shock recover their equilibrium almost immediately whereas others do so only with great difficulty. This is because the psyche of the latter lacks flexibility; its elements are too akin to physical matter. The way to contend with modern-day life and all the abnormal stresses it imposes is to lead a pure and simple life. Of course, it is not enough to watch what you eat and how you eat it; you must also be careful about your thoughts, feelings and desires. By working to purify them and fill them with light, you will gradually acquire the elasticity and suppleness that will enable you to withstand shocks both physically and psychologically.