Seek to attain the most subtle regions

January 17th 2022
Prayer is not an activity reserved for gullible people who have been taught that the Lord has nothing better to do than to listen to their mutterings. True prayer is based on a science that deals with the structure of the universe and the different states of matter. Above and beyond earth, water, air and fire there is a great number of ever-subtler regions inhabited by angels and archangels and other luminous beings. And just as we can draw what we need from the earth and from water, air and light, we can also draw from those subtler regions all that we need for our health, happiness and fulfilment. First of all we must know that the universe is hierarchical, and that at the head of this hierarchy is a Being who is all love and who has distributed everything in such a way that no creature in space is wanting. So now it is up to us to go to those regions by means of prayer, to receive the elements our hearts and souls need, and in times of uncertainty and anguish to take refuge in them.