Nourish it with your virtues

January 18th 2022
You will get results on the spiritual plane only if you possess the qualities and virtues needed to sustain your action. Let us say that you want to wear a talisman because you think it will protect you and keep you on the path of light; so you go into a shop to buy a pentagram because you have read somewhere that this figure has particular magic powers. Well, make no mistake: that talisman will do nothing for you unless by your own inner work you impregnate it with pure and harmonious vibrations. In fact, even if a great magus prepares it for you, a talisman will continue to be effective and potent only if you continue to animate and nourish it with your thoughts and feelings and a pure life. Otherwise, it will soon lose its potency and die. The potency of a talisman does not last forever; it depends on the qualities of the person who wears it.