Necessary in our inner world

January 19th 2022
Wherever you go you hear a lot of talk about organization, but it is always a question of material organization. And even if everything in this respect is not perfect in society, we must admit that we have already achieved some good results. But what chaos in people’s inner lives! It never occurs to them that organization is necessary in that area too; they believe it is enough to study a little of the human psyche and invent all kinds of terms and complicated notions to describe its different states, disorders and diseases. No, that is not enough! In order to organize our inner world, we must try to develop the organs that enable us to make direct contact with the worlds of the soul and spirit. For the soul and the spirit are realities, they exist. As long as you neglect them, whatever you may say about the psychic life will be meaningless. Inner organization presupposes that you work to liberate and develop your subtler organs so that you may communicate with spiritual realities.