Work with intelligence and perseverance

January 20th 2022
The power of thought is tremendous. If you fail to get substantial results by means of thought it is because you are not faithful to the work you have begun; you continually destroy the good work you have undertaken by engaging in activities that are diametrically opposed to it. Suppose that you decide to cultivate harmony – harmony in your gestures and words, in your whole being – but as you have not learned self-control, the chaotic thoughts and desires that continue to inhabit you destroy your good work as rapidly as you do it. If your spiritual desires are to be realized, you must work with intelligence, organization and perseverance. It may well be that you achieve little in the way of transformations in your present life, but they will come in your next incarnation. ‘Why not in this one?’ you ask. Because you have never worked along these lines in a previous incarnation. It is not possible to obtain great spiritual achievements in a few months or years; the effort has to be pursued for several incarnations. If you had already begun this work in the past, you would see some results today. So, at least understand that you must set to work seriously in this incarnation in order to see good results in the next.