Intuition sees things both from inside and from outside

January 21st 2022
Picture a sphere with one person inside and another on the outside. The one on the inside sees it as concave, whereas the person who is outside will see it as convex, and however much they argue and bicker about it they will never agree. Now let us interpret this: the person who is inside the sphere is the religious believer who looks at life from within, subjectively; who sees things from the point of view of the heart, of feelings. The person on the outside is the scientist who studies the external dimension and sees things objectively, from the point of view of the intellect. So the secular feud continues between science and religion. Which one is right? Both of them are right, but only half right. This is why, when a third observer comes along and says, ‘The sphere is both concave and convex’, they both fly into a rage and call him a fool. However, this third person is a sage who sees the whole truth. And this sage is intuition, for intuition joins thought to feelings in order to see things both from inside and from outside. Yes, to know the full reality of things, you must be both subjective and objective to look at them from both the inside and the outside.